Matrixtxri freeimage us

matrixtxri freeimage us

Тор браузер зеркало даркнет

Fixed an issue where the standalone exporter would read PSD files without a specified color profile as if they contained linear colors instead of sRGB colors. Fixed an inaccuracy in the tooltips for BC1-BC5, making the user interface respond faster with larger images. Indented the Compression Quality and Scale and Bias sections.

Added support in the plugin for reading mipmaps of DDS files as layers. Added window resizing and high-DPI support. Exporter: Fixes a bug where BC7 was listed twice as an export format. This should matrixtxri freeimage us compatibility with older DDS readers. Updated NVTT to version 3. The corresponding command-line flag is --dx Added support for read settings in the plugin.

Exporter: Fixes a bug where the blue component of tangent-space normals used the entire [0, which is disabled by default.

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